Friday, September 30, 2011

My Boomerang WILL Come Back!

We fished the back shore of Boomerang Lake yesterday.  A left turn up a spur trail right before the usual left turn at "Intersection B" takes you right around the back.  It's an interesting view around there: groups have felled many small trees to improve access for quads and other four wheeled vehicles.  (We encountered a truck as we left that had parked to camp for the night.  I would have thought that terrain like that was impossible to travel for a truck).  Anyway, here's the route:

Weigles to the Back of Boomerang Lake (Right to Left) -  Click to Enlarge All Photos

We found a few good fishing spots.  It was generally pretty slow although we both got bites on and off.  Paul pulled in a small trout that he intended to throw back, but it joined the choir invisible before he managed to get it wet.  His second catch was spectacular:  a beautiful full-bodied cutthroat trout of about 2.5 to 3 lbs.  Caught on the amazing "North Bend Super Duper" lure.  I've had great luck with those.  That was it today... just two trout.

Nice Fish!!
The 3lb Trout Accompanied By Paul's Tiny Murdered Kindergarten Fishlet 
The back side of Boomerang Lake facing the "boat ramp" on the far right shore

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