Saturday, September 03, 2011

He Bought a WHAT?

Well here goes...  It's high time to start a blog!  My wife has one <live link) and my friend started one a few weeks ago, and since my motorcycle collection just grew by one, I need a blog to record my adventures too.  I love motorbikes.  I've been riding them, on and off in some shape or form, for the last thirty five years.

My first was a Honda CB350--a twin and a lovely bike which I would love to own again one day, (yea...won't happen).  I graduated to a 600cc BMW after that, (slash six series), and rode it for many years across Alberta, B.C. and down to Mexico when I was in my teens and twenties.  Next came my 400XS Yamaha which I used to commute to and from university.  It now lives in my brother's garage and still gets ridden regularly.  I can't believe it's eligible for collector plates!  My next bike was a real monster and easily takes the award as my most punchy machine: A Triumph Trophy 1200.  It's quite amazing how flexible the right wrist of a man in his late forties can be.  The Trophy 1200 is classed as a sport tourer which is part of the reason that riding it at 160Km feels like 100Km.  Eventually I decided I needed a smaller bike for local touring and I traded it in on a Triumph Thruxton 900, my current street bike.  (Here they are)

I've always been a bit down on trail bike riders.  Street biker conditioning maybe.  I never really understood what all the fuss was about.  It wasn't until I went out with a couple of friends, who enjoy riding local trails, that I realized what a pile of fun riding the trails can be.  I was smitten and so I added a Kawasaki KLX250S to the growing list.  It's the first off road, (dual-purpose), bike I have owned and I love it.

So, that's what this blog will be about.  My adventures on my bikes--probably more on the off-road side since I've discovered the excitement of discovering "far-away" places practically on my doorstep.

So, here is...

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