Thursday, September 08, 2011

Classic Bike Show on Saturday, Sept 10th

Tristan came up on his Yamaha XS400 to see the "Classic Bike Show" at Spunky's Motorcycle, Parksville.  It was really good last year when they had their first annual show and I really wanted to go again this year.  It was a great excuse to take the Triumph out for a blast.

Many lovely old bikes showed up last year including a few Vincents, Nortons, Triumphs, BeeMers and some really great classic Japanese bikes.   We arrived there a bit late this year, (poster says it goes until 3pm, but in reality it begins to shut down around 1ish).  :(  If the Vincents made it, we were too late to see them.  Here's the best of what was left:

BSA 650 Thunderbolt in fantastic shape
Triumph Trident
1956 Ariel

I loved this one....  It's an ASV!  What's that you ask?  It's "Al's Special Vehicle."  Al was there showing it off.  He built it himself right down to the ASV castings in his footboards.  Check out that beautiful exposed flywheel in the front of the engine.  The sprung seat was lifted off a penny-farthing bicycle!
Closer engine detail of Al's "ASV."  Look at that nice finished wooden box housing his coil.
One of two Norton 850 Commandos that were left.  There were many last year and I'm assuming that some had left already.
The other Norton 850 Commando.  (Tristan is after one of these!  It's the "Interceptor" he tells me.  The one with the bigger tank).
1996 Schwarze "Hot Rod."  It's another homemade job.  This one was built to go roadracing.  He raced it for three years and then turned it into a street bike.  If it ever broke down, I think half of the parts are available at the nearest GE washer and dryer supply house.  It sounded pretty good when he took off for home though.  

That was it.  Not a great turnout, but enough to make it interesting and worthwhile showing up.

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