Thursday, September 22, 2011

Video: 1939 Bike Trip Through Alaska

Ryan sent me a great video yesterday:
(UPDATE:  Sorry folks, this video was made "private" by the YouTube user who originally posted it.  Too bad, I really liked this).

It's a 9 minute film of Clyde (Slim) Williams and John Logan's motorcycle trip to Alaska in 1939.  Slim Williams and John Logan were promoters of the Alaska Highway in the 1930s.  To get the attention of the United States Government, they each drove the "highway" route on a 300lb British made motorcycle.

Click HERE for Video

A good blurb describing their journey can be found  here.


  1. Hello. Is it possible to view the Slim Williams/Jack Logan 9 minute video? My email is

    Regards, David

  2. How can I see the video? Thanks, Don

  3. Sorry guys, the original YouTube poster of this vid made it "private some time ago. Too bad... great little video.


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