Tuesday, September 20, 2011

After Work Fishing at Boomerang Lake. ♫

I made it out to Boomerang Lake today after work.  It was pretty touch and go; a choice between running the cat to the vet to help mend her failing kidneys or hit the trails.  We got home and she greeted us at the door having picked up during the day.  Out I went!

It turns out that Paul couldn't make it today.  Something to do with transporting his offspring to various group functions in the cab.  It was a chance for me to slow down at the local logging road intersections and become a little more familiar with them, (rather than mindlessly BLASTING through them as usual).  I went through the usual route at Weigles Rd., through the tank traps, left at what I'm calling "Intersection A," and left again on logging road 142, ("Intersection B"), to Boomerang Lake.  I'm feeling much better about knowing where I am out there now. :)

The Route  (Click Image to See Full Size)
The "Tank Traps."  There are six or seven of these nasties in close proximity to each other.  They have a way of sharpening your concentration just a little as you position yourself over each hump.  First time was a bit of a horror show, but they're becoming easier each time I go over them.  I kind of look forward to crossing them now.  We get through them in about a minute or so.

"Intersection A"  Great road surface all around here.  Right to Round Lake and beyond.  Left&Left to Boomerang and beyond.
"Intersection B"  Left, (or straight ahead in this pic), to Boomerang Lake.  You can really move on these open flat logging roads.

I fished at the "boat ramp" location," ("Fishing Spot 1" on image below) for about 40 minutes, finally wading in above my knees to get the casts out to a few swirls that were appearing in the lake.  No bites at all.  After watching some pretty active swirls and jumps to my left, I spent twenty minutes trying to get into the bank NW up the lake.  It was really tough going trying to find a spot in there.  I'm keen to see where Paul has been casting from.  (Here maybe:   49° 13.411'N  124° 2.135'W)

I jumped back on my bike and rode NW back up Rd. 142 and tried a few more spots where I thought I might get to the active fish.  No dice.  Finally I moved up to the other trail entrance to the lake which lies a few hundred yards up the road, ("Fishing Spot 2" on the image above).  It was weedy here, but I think it's a pretty good spot and worth trying again at some point.

The Boat Ramp (Fishing Spot 1)
"Fishing Spot 2" Looking back down the lake towards "Spot 1" on the far right.  Beautiful Lake!!
"Fishing Spot 2" looking left.  It's great to see local lakes that are so full of lily pads.  People haven't managed to ruin this one yet.

After catching nothing and eating all of my secret recipe spelt grain cookies, I took off back to "Intersection B" and turned right to go find Round Lake, (without the help of my trusty guide who was by now knee deep in spotty screaming children).  I found Round Lake and continued for a few turns before noticing the sun was getting a bit low and turned for home.  (Hit reserve tank at 179Km). 

Oh... The compulsory 3D anaglyph image:

Boomerang Lake from "The Boat Ramp"    (3D anaglyph image:  Needs red/cyan glasses to view)


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  1. I think you can get to the other side of the lake for better fishing holes. Ryan knows the way, but it sounds a little hairy...Probably ok in dry weather. I've never fished that lake...


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