Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Triumph Thruxton Race (U.S.) & IOM TT Race Footage

There hasn't been much time for riding in the last couple of days.  I started off back to work after getting the summer off.  At least now I've taken the plunge into the world of dual-sport riding, I can ride local trails on the way home.  (I'm sure that will get a bit boring very soon)!  The last one I mapped out from Jameson Rd. is on my way home and I zipped along it today for a bit of fun.  It's a great way to blow off some stress when your heading for home. 

I rode my Triumph yesterday after quite a few days of riding the dual-sport.  I'm sharing the time out between the two bikes.  It was weird as hell!  I remember Paul telling me that the feel of his street bike was very "linear" after riding his dual-sport.  I knew what he meant right off, but after a couple of days on the dual-sport I really knew what he was talking about.  The difference between them is blatantly obvious.  The change from one to the other really gets you thinking about the physics of the whole riding thing.  (It also reminded me pretty quickly that the Triumph is a formidable machine with plenty of power.  It's got a tad more ooomffph than a 250). 

So, that reminded me of a great Triumph Thruxton race in the States that I discovered on YouTube fairly recently.  The first two minutes is quite boring, unless you enjoy hearing all the different after-market exhausts these guys have installed, (which is fun the first time around if you're into that sort of thing).

Watch the way these guys shift their body weight into the corners.  Great riders these guys:

I just got the movie below in my email.  Ryan sent me some really great footage from the Isle of Man TT races.  These riders are seriously MENTAL!


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