Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photos from Spunky's Previous Classic Bike Show (2010)

I was looking through some old photos, trying to find the shots of last year's classic bike show at Spunky's.  I found them.  Wow, the earlier show was quite a bit better.  Here are some of the bikes from that show:

Same Vincent
HRD Vincent and a Velocette.  (Vincent had difficulty with Harley Davidson over what they saw as copyright infringement with "HRD" appearing like a Harley trademark.  Quite honestly I think it could only have HELPED their reputation and sales.  I believe Vincent stopped the "HRD" marking soon after the squabble).
The Norton Section
A really tasteful Norton 850 Commando Cafe job.  I'm liking the Corbin seat on that!
The Newer Nortons
A beautiful ex-war 1938 Norton.  If you haven't noticed, this was a special Norton show...  The guest of honour was the 2010 Norton 961 sitting in the showroom.  A Norton rep was in there too trying to encourage Spunky's to become a dealership.  There's still no sign of a Norton in stock to this day.  :(
A local guy from Departure Bay area owns this beauty.  Paul and I have passed him riding out in Nanoose before.  Now that's a well-maintained bike!
These were getting plenty of attention.  A matching pair of Honda 750 fours, (both have same owner). 
The silver smoke BMW 90/S hit the market in 1975.  To my eye, the styling on these great looking bikes is still up-to-date thirty six years later.  
Norvil are a motorcycle company in the UK who rebuild Nortons to factory or custom specifications.  Actually, they claim to exceed original specifications with their assembly guidelines.  They've had trouble shipping completely assembled bikes overseas for some reason.  Too bad--looks like a really nice job on this one!  It was hidden in a corner with big gorilla sized people ready to swoop if you so much as thought about sitting on it  :)
Got a spare $20,000?  Good, put it in the bank until you can add the crating fee, paperwork fee, taxes and other misc fees and ride out of Spunky's close to $24,000 poorer.  It really is quite a bike though.  I don't think Triumph have a thing to worry about... it's an entirely different market. 
Again!!  Hey, at that price it gets two photos.

It was a much better show last year, (although we did get there a little later this year).  With any luck we'll get to see the Vincents again in a year's time.  The general consensus was that they really made the show.  

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