Saturday, October 01, 2011

Boomerang Again.... (Yawn)

There was a break in today's wet weather, so I went out fishing once again to Boomerang Lake.

I stopped off at Round Lake to remind myself how awful it looks for fishing and walked a short distance towards Kidney Lake through some pretty nasty terrain.  I was hoping to get a glimpse of the SE shore of the lake from above.  I gave up:  The loggers have made it almost impossible to cover any distance on foot through there.

I turned around and headed up the previous route we had taken to the back of Boomerang Lake, (the NE side).

Looking back down the trail from NE Boomerang Lake
Mentioned in a previous post, these are small felled trees that have been placed by quad and truck drivers to help them get in and out of the lake shore area.  This is where the logging road ends.  It's a short hike through this patch of trees to the NE shore of Boomerang.  (I'm standing in a deep tire trench that was dug by a truck we saw here last time.  I'll bet it took ages to get out of here).  
    I fished for a few hours.  Two of the spots I tried with Paul on our earlier visit and the third was a floating raft that has been thrown together by locals who fish the lake.

My Three Fishing Locations
The Fishing Raft
There was very little action today.  In three hours I got one hit and I didn't get that one to shore.  They were beginning to rise and swirl to the surface around the time I left.  I'd had enough!

Today's 3D Gallery:  (Needs red/cyan glasses and a full size view... click photo)

3D - The Tank Traps
3D - Almost Through the Tank Traps
3D - Looking Back Down the Trail from Boomerang's NE Side
3D - Logs for Quads and Trucks

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