Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lake Arrowsmith... Some Day Soon?

I really want to get up to Lake Arrowsmith and I'm hoping that the increasingly wet conditions are not going to stop us.  We made it most of the way last time during our ride to the bridge on the Englishman River.  (Where, it must not be forgotten, Andy caught Paul's fish).  Here's a route map with points 1 to 5:

The Proposed Route Past "Trout Bridge"
(All photos can be enlarged by clicking them)
The last portion of the ride, from the bridge on to the dam, (812m, 2664ft), at Arrowsmith Lake looks really interesting with many turns and an elevation gain of 612m, (2007ft):

The Last Section
Same Section, Different Angle

Elevation Profile from the Bridge to the Lake

And finally some 3D anaglyph images just to wreck your eyes.  These need to be viewed full-size by clicking the photo and you'll need red/cyan glasses, (+ a bottle of Tylonol):

3D Anaglyph #1 (Needs Red/Cyan Glasses)
3D Anaglyph #2 (Needs Red/Cyan Glasses)
3D Anaglyph #3 (Needs Red/Cyan Glasses)

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