Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boomerang Tail Snagger

I took off this morning and fished for a few hours at Boomerang Lake.  There were lots of nibbles today and after thirty minutes I pulled in a very small trout.  I would have liked to return this little one to the lake, but it refused to spark back to life after I removed the hook.  (Honest).

It was beautiful out there!
It was very quiet for the first half hour... No guns, no motorbikes, quads...  aaaaaah.
The bites slowed right down after an hour, so I took a break and took a few photographs. After a few shots of the lake and surrounding area I thought it would be fun to video myself casting.  I set my camera up on a log and went back to the fishing.  Wouldn't you know it, I got a bite on the second cast!  This guy must have been swirling around my spinning lure because I snagged him right on the tail:


I managed to get this one back in the lake before the hooded chap with the big scythe got a hold of him.

So that was it for fishing today.  I had enough for the cat and so I made my way back towards the tank traps to go home.  When I reached the turn off I changed my mind;  the weather was so great I decided to blast up to the Sundew Gate.  What a glorious day for it!

The gate was locked as usual, although I was a bit surprised to see it since the logging roads were crawling all over with trucks loading firewood.  I sneaked around the gate through the new get-around trench.  Great ride.

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