Monday, October 03, 2011

Sundew to Weigles ON A WORK DAY... Life is Good!

Wow, what a ride today!  I left work at three thirty today and since there was a bit of sun attempting to poke out from behind the clouds, I decided to attempt entering the Sundew Logging Road in Nanoose via Summerset Road, Sea Blush Drive and Sundew Place.

There's a gate at the start of the logging road, but it's possible to drive through the "work around" on its left side.  The logging company has filled a trench with soft sand to prevent entry, but it's fairly easy to blast through it if you keep the revs a bit higher and blast through in one go.  :)  The road surface on the other side is excellent and once through, you can motor along quite nicely.

Here's my route:  (The trail is missing near the labelled bivouac.  Google Earth could use an update)!

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them

(Click pic to view) Elevation profile for the green line, (Sundew to "Intersection A").  Max slope of 34.3% is equivalent to about 18°, so not that steep really.

The first left turn
Looking NE from the bivouac
Zooming in on the Islands off Dolphin Beach and Nanoose Peninsula
Superb smooth roads for much of the route.
Lots of new logging on this road

And, of course... the obligatory 3D anaglyph photos.  These need red/cyan glasses.  View FULL.

I really enjoyed this ride.  I'd sure like to head back out there one Saturday morning so that I have the time to explore.  It was a bit rushed today because I was watching the sun get lower and I knew there were unfamiliar roads ahead of me.  It was a relief to see Triumph Lake, (that's right Paul... Triumph Lake), appear on my left and eventually Round Lake.  Finally the roads and trails were looking familiar to me.  I made the usual turn into the Weigles Road exit and headed towards home.  The tank traps are getting worse!  The rain is seeing them get more churned up... It was like a quagmire in there.  We beginners need a little bit more of the solid muck to grip the tires on you know! 

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