Saturday, May 05, 2012

Another Ride to Rhododendron Lake

I took the same route out to Rhododendron Lake today to meet up with Paul who was doing a bit of fishing.

29.1Km both ways

Beautiful lake!  Lots of snags though.  I'd like to try fishing with worms and a bobber here.
Great ride there and back.  We saw a bit of rain at the lake side, but it passed quickly.  Paul caught a very nice trout.

My mother-in-law asked me if I had taken any photos of the rhodos when I was out here last and so I took a few this time around.  Looks like I'll need another trip to catch them in bloom during the summer.  All of them are covered in tight buds right now.  Here's a few shots:

I'm looking forward to heading back out there to catch the blooms.

Kudos to Paul for trying out the steep rocky section that leads back to Blackjack Ridge on a direct route from the lake.  He reached the top and came down with no difficulty.  Don't know how you came down so easily Paul.  You're going to have to coach me on that one during the summer.  Definitely too bloody steep for me when coming down. 

Some GPS tracks:
Garmin GPX
Google Earth KMZ

To wrap things up, here's a cheesy time-lapse movie of the ride from Rhododendron Lake, through Okay Mt. valley, down the power lines toward Blackjack Ridge and then a left turn towards Boomerang Lake.  I haven't solved the bumpy camera mount yet.  Right now, my iPod is mounted near the headlight in a bum bag.  :)   It has to move up to my chest or helmet to settle the image down!  This time-lapse shows nearly twenty minutes of footage in five minutes.   


  1. Those are sure tight looking buds -- I wonder if they could be a fall-blooming variety? Super time-lapse photos -- I could almost feel the bumps. Some of those big rocks on the road look like they could cause serious wipe-outs! You be careful!! love, mum-inlaw.

    1. They really are tight. I was thinking they would likely open around mid-summer, but maybe they're a fall bloomer. We'll find out soon enough when I fulfill the commissioned photo promise. :)

    2. Nope, they're early to mid June openers at the latest.


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