Thursday, May 17, 2012

3D Anaglyph Images of Local Trails

I've been playing with Google Earth making 3D images of some of the more mountainous terrain.  The results are quite surprising.  The roads to the west of Fourth Lake look pretty hairy!

You'll need red/cyan glasses to view these.  Red/green will work, but not that well.

The two summits of Mt Decosmos
Doumont Trail and the Tank Traps

West from Fourth Lake

South from Fourth Lake to Cowichan Lake

Local Logging Roads

Okay Mt Valley to Rhododendron Lake


  1. Great shots, and just spend hours digging out my red cyans. I think the vertical displacement is greatly exaggerated considering the parts I have ridden. But if not: hell there looks to be some great views! Roll on summer!

  2. Now you mention it, they are pretty steep looking. They're peeled right off of Google Earth... Maybe they fiddle with the z-axis a little to help with seeing the 3d effect as you move the image. Interesting.

  3. Google Earth's "Elevation Exaggeration" is set to 1 as a default. It can be reset in the options settings. Presumably. "0" means no exaggeration, although it looks like the settings go from .5 to 3.


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