Friday, May 25, 2012

Blackjack Ridge Once Again... With No Snow!

I managed to convince myself that it was only the snow at higher elevations that prevented me from blasting over Blackjack Ridge towards Lucid Lake and Mt. Benson last fall.  I had my memory corrected today while facing the familiar steep and boulder strewn logging road ahead of me.  "I'm not going up THAT!"  I'll leave this one for Paul to sail up.

Here's today's after work ride:

1.  Entered at Doumont Trail
2.  "Intersection A" Left toward Boomerang Lake
3.   Continued straight past Boomerang on familiar "Behind Mt. Benson" road, but turned right shortly afterwards to begin the climb up Blackjack Ridge's upper road.
4.  Made the same stop as last time, turning right onto a short spur road that offers amazing views at 711m.  The Blackjack Ridge road begins a steep climb where this spur begins.  I rode up it for about twenty feet and decided I had better leave this one for another day.  (Maybe when/if I lower my bike????)
5.  Turned right, on the way back, up this fantastic narrow windy trail that leads to the Benson Trail.  Followed the Benson Trail back to Boomerang Lk.  (Had a quick peep to see if Paul was fishing up the lake...  Not).
6.  Lake intersection
7.  Dropped in at Kidney Lake and fished for an hour or so.  Nice trout.

150° Panoramic - Mid way up the trail that heads up Blackjack Ridge.  The trail directly behind my bike winds its way along the ridge and offers amazing views.  I didn't ride it this time, but it's a great addition to the ride if you're looking for photos.  That's Mt. Decosmos in the distance with Mt. Hooker on it's left.  (First lake lies between them).
209° Panoramic - This is the end of the road at location #4.  Mt Hooker (left) and Mt Decosmos in the Background.  First Lake is clearly visible in this photo in the foreground of Mt. Hooker.  (If you click on the photo).

In the distance lies Mt. Whymper.  (Looking left of Mt. Hooker).  Crappy name for the biggest mountain out that way! 

First Lake - Mt Hooker (right) - Mt. Whymper (distant left)

The power lines.  Good route to Rhododendron Lake

Tomorrow's lunch from Kidney Lake.  Actually there were two, but the second one is embarrassingly small and received mundo face damage from being very greedy with my hook.

 That's it.  Beautiful sunny ride.

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