Thursday, May 17, 2012

Riding the West Side of Okay Mountain

Beautiful day today, and since I got out of the dentist at a decent time, I decided to blast up Okay Mountain to check out the trail visible when passing through the valley on the way to Rhododendron Lake.

Here's today's route:

1. begin Doumont Trail  2.straight at Boomerang intersection (int B)  3. sharp right towards Okay Lk.  4. left up Okay Mt.  5. About face at 725m to retrace route, turning left to Branch 142.  6. Back to "int B"  7. left to the tank traps and Doumont Tr. 

Some perspective.
Nerdy 3D view (Needs red/cyan glasses)
Elevation profile (entire ride, Doumont and back)
There was nobody out there today during the entire ride.  I loved it!  Silent everywhere.  Okay Mountain's west trail is fantastic.  A little overgrown here and there, but the views of Decosmos and the valley make it really worth picking through the odd fir tree and chunk of broom.

Broom covered trails
Looking NW towards Rhododendron Lake
A nicer grassy section of the trail (Facing NW)

Okay Valley facing almost due south.  Mt. Decosmos far left
Looking down on the valley road to Rhodo Lake

Further along the trail.  A clearer view of Decosmos is emerging.

Zoomed in
Really great ride! 


June 03/2012 - A couple of added 3D anaglyph pics below. (You'll need red/cyan glasses):

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  1. That's whacky! I rode the same trail the next day! I got all the way to the end and have exactly the same shots... I'll post my stuff tonight and you can compare. Nuts!


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