Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finding the Far Shore of Rhododendron Lake

Sebastian and I took a ride out to Rhododendron Lake yesterday to see if we could find the far shore.  Every time we get out to Rhodo Lake, we look across to the other side which appears to offer much better fishing sites since the shoreline looks much wider.  Sebastian had never ridden out that way, so it served a second purpose of familiarizing him with some of the excellent riding trails that we've discovered while exploring the area.

Here's the route:

(Blue Numbers)
1.  Entered on the Doumont Trail
2.  Left towards Boomerang Lake
3.  Right on Boomerang's southern intersection, and right at the next one too
4.  Right... joined the power lines trail
5.  Right onto Okay Mountain valley road
6.  Left towards Rhododendron Lake
7.  Usual Rhodo location.  Short hike to lake
8.  Far side of the lake (See detail above and descriptions below)
9.  Turn right off Englishman River Main onto Branch 142
10.  Doubled back... New plan!  Left Br. 142 and took Okay Lake Trail
11.  The excellent descent towards Boomerang on one of my favourite local trails
12.  A quick visit to the Boomerang fishing site
13.  Back at the Doumont entrance.

(Detail: Green Numbers)
1.  Searching for road into Rhodo Lake
2.  Right turn...  Very clear and obvious trail
3.  Rocky trail with some mud pools at this time of year.  The very final section was a bit more difficult to get up.  We both spun out on a large boulder and both of us needed a push from behind to get out.  Nothing too bad; we were out fairly quickly, but I might park the bike on the upper side of this rock next time.  It's almost right at the fishing site.

Some perspective

There are more fishing spots on this side of the lake, although it's quite shallow off the shore in many of the fishing locations.  There's one good casting spot that is visibly deeper than the others.  I caught two small trout in this location.  Sebastian was fishing off to the right where a long cast is needed to get out to a decent depth.  There were many fish jumping directly ahead of him, so I'm thinking that would be a good bait fishing spot if you used a heavy enough weight to get far enough out.  Definitely a good spot to try again, but a pretty useless spot if anyone beats you out there, (just like the other side).

A not-so-good stitched image made from my GPS photos.  Gives a rough idea of how the lake looks on that side.

Looking left (SE)
Parked near the lake shore
Our Route:

Terrific ride...  71km altogether.  Thanks Sebastian!

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