Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Roads Near Okay Mountain and Okay Lake

I've been thinking back to when I went out to explore the roads around Okay Lake and the NE side of the Okay Mountain Valley and returned home with a loose GPS battery and a massive grey cloud over my head.  Well I headed back out there again this evening after work and had a terrific short ride.

I entered through the Doumont Trail, turned left towards Boomerang Lake and started my track at the next intersection, (what I call "Intersection B").  Here's the track on Google Earth:

Below:  A YouTube video retracing the route.  I hope it's visible here...  You might need to bring it up full screen and crank the res. up to 720p. 


I made a stop in at Okay Lake to snap off a photo.  You can see from the yellow track above that the road in towards the lake now extends further around the south side of the lake.  Lots of active logging in this area.

 All those stretches of roads running N to S are in great shape and it's possible to maintain speeds well over 50km/h for most of it.  I must have seen no less than twenty elk in three separate herds today.  The crazy things take off so quickly that it's near impossible to have a camera ready in time to snap off a photo.  At one point, I came around a corner to find them blocking the road and damned nearly joined the herd as they clattered into the bush.  Fantastic head rush!  Here are a few of the ladies off the road.

I encountered this "bridge out" while heading south.  You can see the location on the YouTube movie above:  The arrow, (which acts like a house fly walking on your lunch), stops and turns around on the southern facing stretch after encountering the missing bridge.  I return to the same spot heading north after taking a detour south on the usual road that skirts Okay Mt..
Ahhhh, the view from the other side after attacking it from the south.
Really nice creek view where the bridge used to span across.
There, a nice big truck to offset the beautiful creek.
Wow... Logged Out.  These people need to smarten up and change their messed-up logging methods.  :( 

Terrific local road to do again... really liked it.

GPX track file 
KMZ track file


  1. Great ride, Andy. Love the shots of the Elk - what a blast. I haven't seen any of those yet, but hope to soon. I took a few routes down some new roads heading east of the OK route a month or so ago, but they were still heavily forested...I wonder if I was the last to ride through those trees...too bad.

    I haven't been out since my last post (I'm up to my ears in report cards - 2 evenings and 4 cards done!:-0), so your blog is a nice fix for me.

    Ta Paul

  2. Hey Paul, yea it was a really good ride. I'll head back and do this again someday; really fast roads in places... exhilarating!

    I'm about to get really busy myself. I have visions of me slugging away while reading your blogs.


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