Sunday, April 03, 2016

Lantzville Fixer Upper: Cabin in the Foothills

Took a quick ride out to the Lantzville foothills to see if the end of John's track was a cabin.  It was!  It's a bit of a fixer upper, but would give you shelter if you really needed it.  I entered the logging roads from the Weigles Rd/Doumont/Biggs side and continued through the new arrangement in the tank traps area using Tim berwests new logging spur.  I'm liking it--no muss, no fuss.  Track is available at Wikiloc.  (Thanks again John).

Here are a few pics:

Panoramic of Immediate Area

Front of Cabin

Left Side (with retired stoves and ice boxes)


Front Looking Towards Exit Trail

Mountain Biking Trails

Building Dedication/Memorial

At the front door looking straight towards staircase

Table and benches at front window

Upstairs Sleeping Loft

 Big Ol' Cedar


  1. Glad you liked it fellow trail sleuth ! I think I owe you a track or 10 for all the great places your tracks have lead us to, we got skunked for the second time last weekend on out Skutz falls bear creek caves adventure :(

    1. Did you use the track from Don's Adventure Rides? Looks like it may have a pretty steep section in round the curvy bits 3km along his track. He mentioned some "rideable rubble" which got me wondering. :) How was it? Why skunked, just couldn't find it?

    2. First time was snow, second time was one of our group had mechanical issue and we had to tow him out, the trail isn't bad at all, I'd say intermediate, a few sections of the usual island resembles a creek bed more than a road type but no real challenges. We did get as far as the cave trail head which is to the left at end point of Don's track and easy to miss ; )


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