Friday, April 08, 2016

Sywash Ridge Ride ~ A Mashup of a Single Track and a Trail in Upper Lantzville

It was Wednesday after work, the sun was out and I was getting dirtbike withdrawal, so I decided to take a detour on the way home and play on the Berg.  After warming the clutch up on some single track trails near a gravel pit at Doumont, I headed off to see if could get to the Eagle's nest cabin a different way.  And afterwards, if time permitted, I would try to find that cabin in Lantzville that Andy had found via John's trails.  Well I was skunked on both counts.  My inadequate riding ability was unable to conquer the trail-come river rock strewn creek-bed hill climb which we saw a truck get up the other day.  Perhaps when it's dry, I'll give it another go.  Then I took a bum turn when looking for the Lantzville cabin and hit upon a little gem of a single track ride in Lantzville: The Sywash Ridge Ride. There are a bunch of hand carved signs in the woods around Upper Lantzville.  I'm not sure if they're for mountain bikes, hikers or quadders.  Certainly, some of the trails (Fire Bucket and Sweet Melissa in particular) present quite a challenge with logs and cutouts, and seem to be hiking trails, so it's best to stay off these.  But Sywash Ridge is a fabulous ride down from the foothills to Sywash Road via the power lines.  I can't imagine how I've missed these trails for so long...Maps Below

Trail uploaded to Wikilocks Here...
Video of the trail to follow...


  1. That's one of my faves, I've got a whole bunch of hidden single track jems that make for a great circuit all within a mile of there, very challenging ones, I'm almost finished building my latest one 😉 On the cabin front I found another one that's even better than eagles nest 😊

  2. Yes lovely track that. Finally found the Lantzville cabin. Got the track for the new cabin and your trails, John? Saw my first bear about half a km west from the cabin - very large male or pregnant sow. Gorgeous coat.


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