Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Blackjack Ridge: River Bed Loop

We needed a short local ride today to seat Paul's brand spanking new D606 rear tire.  What better than a quick ride up and over Blackjack Ridge to get the job done.

Here's what we did:

1.  Entered at Doumont Road
2.  Through the Tank Traps and a left turn towards Boomerang Lake
3.  Left again towards southern end of Boomerang
4.  Past S. end of Boomerang and then straight along the N.E. side of Blackjack Ridge towards Lucid Lk.
5.  Right turn after Lucid Lake
6.  Climb up creekbed towards top of Blackjack
7.  Explored dead end spur
8.  Through open gate at the top and explored dead end logging road to our right
9.  Right turn onto untried route (went straight on previous trip up here)
10.  Downhill creek bed for a fair way here.  (approx 3km)
11.  Rotten log make-shift bridge (Hurry before it's all gone)
12.  Left turn at the main logging road
13.  Return on same route to Doumont Rd.


The descending creek bed at #10.  We walked this for a short distance before deciding to go on.

The makeshift bridge of half-rotten logs at #11. 

Other "Real Motorcycle Diaries" blog entries containing search criteria "blackjack."  (There are some better Blackjack shots in these entries).

Here's today's GPS track on video.  Realtime x100.  (Best viewed at 700p/full screen). 

Fun ride, but only once so you can say you did.  It's not horrendously difficult, it's just slow going for much of it when going through old creek beds.  My clutch wasn't very happy.  :)  Likely quite slippery in the winter!


  1. I really like the 606 but the prices keep going up on them. I just put a set of Kenda K270's on last week. I bought the set for just a little more than one 606 cost but after putting 500 miles on them, feel like I have lost a little bit on dirt. They feel a bit more stable on paved roads though. Looks like we are going to have a mild first half of winter, hope to keep riding the entire winter.

    1. Wow... good price! How do the Kendas wear Terry? I'm pretty happy with the slow wear on my rear 606, but I'm always open minded when it comes to improving on it. I'm not always that aggressive on the dirt and a longer wearing AND cheaper tire might be a good thing for me to try next time. Must say though... I'm REALLY happy with my D606 so far. Yea, PRICEY!


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