Saturday, February 04, 2012

Mounting Arrangements

I picked up a Garmin Montana and a Ram handlebar mount quite recently.  It doesn't position itself as low as I thought it would but it offers really great visibility when it's mounted in position near the left wing mirror.  I think the shorter riser might have been a tidier arrangement, but I'm really pleased with it all the same.  It's not wired in yet...  That's another project I need to get to before the spring.

The iPod Touch fits tidily into a bum bag above the headlight.  Vicki was kind enough to let me burn a hole through her bum bag with a soldering iron so the camera lens can see through!  :)  It wraps around the steering column tightly and points that sucker straight ahead.  It's perfect... even better than Paul's "Nancy Boy Man Purse."


  1. I run a Garmin Nuvi 550 and have been considering moving it up to where you have yours mounted. I was afraid it would be more vulnerable up there but need to have 12" between it and the spot locator.

    1. The longer stand-off is growing on me pretty rapidly. I'm liking how it allows me to use the adjustable mount as a "tripod" for my GPS camera. I'm taking shots while sitting on the bike and there's practically no camera movement at all.

      I'm really interested in the "Spot Connect" Terry. It's a perfect emergency message solution for pretty cheap. Are you happy with the Spot?


  2. I've not bought one yet but ride with 2 buddies that run them. Since I do quite a few solo rides, having to use the 911 button just one time would pay for itself. One of them has had to use it when he dropped his bike in a creek after dark in January (amazing how much water a bike can ingest in a couple of seconds). Within an hour a sheriff's patrol picked him up, temp was down in the upper 20's by then. Good to know that they do work.

  3. I must get one. I ride solo a fair bit too and it would be well worth it after breaking a leg in the way-be-gone back country. I've thought how useful that button would be while I'm midway through a deep pool too. I'll have to wait though... I've used up all my frivolous toy funds for a few months. :)


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