Sunday, February 05, 2012

Another Cheesy Time-Lapse Movie

I decided to have another go at making a time-lapse movie today.  Galloway Gulch Trail seemed like a perfect choice; it's really local, it's below the snow line and I didn't get an accurate GPS track of it yet.  Here's the routes:

The red route (top to bottom) runs from Galloway Gulch Road to Jameson Rd.  The orange spur goes from the main trail up to a bivouac overlooking the Doumont area.  Surprisingly, both trails matched my earlier guesses of these routes quite accurately.
Here's a YouTube time-lapse video of the ride.  The movie starts at Allsop Rd (off Jingle Pot), runs the length of the Galloway Trail where it turns 180° at the yellow gate before turning left onto the bivouac spur trail.  Sure looks good on the even road surface, but the bouncing on the trails reduces the quality substantially.  The opening title is incorrect:  my iPod battery decided to cut the movie short!  In real time it's only about 40 min, and the total running time is only 2:30.  I can't believe the changes on this trail since the summer; they've logged the crap out of it!

Here are a couple of Garmin camera shots too:

The bivouac at the end of the orange trail
From the bivouac, looking out towards the Doumont Road area


  1. Andy, I liked the video, what kind of camera do you use? I have a Stealth Cam but just bought a GoPro Hero. Anxious to get out and try it out this spring.
    btw, they are logging a lot in one of the forest where I ride also. And environmental groups claim that motorcycles tear up the forest!

    1. A GoPro... nice!!! You'll take some great videos with that. Make sure you post them... I'd love to see your typical riding trails. I'm just using an iPod with a really great little time-lapse app called "Time Lapse." (What an imaginative and well-fitting name). I like that it lets me choose the real-time length of the footage and the playback total time while telling me the resulting speeded-up rate. Not bad for $1.99! It's enough for me right now until I splurge one day on a fancy cam.

      Huge logging up here Terry. We head out on some weekends when their burning old stumps and forest "tailings." It gets warm enough to stop nearby and recover completely on a cold day! They can get away with murder if they log while leaving a thin layer of trees between consecutive sections. Then it's not considered "clearcutting," you see. It sure looks and feels like a clearcut when you stand in it! It can get mighty depressing looking at some spaces out there. But, yes... it's really the motorcycles that ruin the forest!! We MUST be stopped!

      Someone just dumped an old damaged motor boat on our logging roads and it's causing the logging firms to clamp down tighter on those who use the roads. :( The motorcyclists are generally a careful bunch. ~Andy


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