Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cheesy Timelapse Video of the Doumont Trail

I've been waiting for weeks for the weather to clear up enough to head out for a ride.  A window appeared today after waiting hours for the fog to clear up, so I left for a ride up the Doumont Trail around 2:00pm.  I've been playing around with a $1.99 app on my iPod Touch called "Time Lapse" and I wanted to give it a whirl on the bike.  It works well in the car when it's pointed down a long stretch of road and when it's not being bounced around like a cocktail shaker, but on the trails it's going to be a different story I think.  The results weren't too great.

There's still a fair bit of snow and ice up there on Doumont.  I felt the rear wheel slip around quite a bit today and so I didn't go too far up the trail.  I turned a few hundred metres before the tank traps.  Come on springtime!

Here's the cheesy video:

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