Friday, October 31, 2014

Enduro Crosstraining Videos

One of the reasons I sold the DR650 and got a  Husaberg was because the Berg is light, nimble and quick, and I want to challenge myself to become a better rider and tackle more technical trails.  Trials is interesting too, but doesn't quite blend with the fact I want to go distances, camp and...ahem, I like speed too.  Nevertheless, some of the most satisfying rides are the ones where you tackle difficult terrain and technical trails, where slow is actually challenging and perhaps the order of the day.  I find the CROSS TRAINING, ENDUROCROSS & ENDURO TECHNIQUES by the Western Australian Trials Riders to be an amazing resource.  I subscribed to their monthly videos (free) and really enjoy the techniques and demos they share.  They started as enduro bike riders, with Husabergs, but have since got into trials, but they still focus on enduro riding techniques which I have found that very useful lately.  Riding to Moriarty lake the other day, I found myself using many of the techniques they demonstrate...whether it be riding in creek beds (watch it...excellent advice), or balancing a dirt bike.

They have a sense of humour too, which they show in this month's video installment: The David Attenboroughesque "Evolution of the trials rider".

Subscribe to them, explore their previous vids (40 or so), and you will likely start to learn some new techniques for beating those trails that, right now, look intimidating and keep you from exploring new areas.

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