Saturday, July 26, 2014

Two Doumont Area Gates That Lead to Bonnell Main (The Sundew Road)

Okay Tim Berwest -- here are a couple more gates for you to block!  To the more civilized visitors, here are a couple of gates, (1 and 10 on map), that will still get you into the logging roads, (to Bonnell Main):

1.  Begin at the first gate on Weigles Rd. to appear on your right after Doumont and Biggs meet.  It's the one that's slightly off the road... about 100yds or so.  Currently, you can scoot in the right side of this gate.
2.  Take a left at the first major Y in the road (Get the GPS track here.  There are a few twists and turns).
3.  Turn right on the brand new dirt logging road and follow it straight to a slightly overgrown trail.  Careful in the wet... There are many small downed trees/logs across the road on this trail.
4.  Trail slims to a barely visible walking type trail with exposed roots here and there.
5.  Enter the Foothills Trails.
6.  Through the usually open red gate.
7.  Bonnell Main Intersection.  You`re on the logging roads!
8.  Retraced track to a left turn Y, a small trail that leads back through the university trails to Doumont Rd.
9.  Over the white bridge.
10.  Doumont Gate  

A quick overview of the track on video

Panoramic photo of the Lanzville Foothills area

Lantzville Foothills

The GPS track for this ride can be found here.

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  1. We'll have to go for a spin - evaluate the track.... Back yesterday eve. Will blog it, eventually. Fancy a ride later this afternoon or tomorrow...?


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