Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to Marcus Lake

Paul and I took another overnight trip to Marcus lake a few days ago:

1.  entered from the Doumont Road entrance
2.  through the "tank traps" and stopped by bridge construction
3.  returned and took alternate route to bypass "tank traps"  (walked bike down steep bit like a big baby)
4.  up branch 142 to 155 Main
5.  left onto 155N and over ridge overlooking Mt. Moriarty
6.  through small joiner trail giving access to roads heading south to N. River Road.
7.  over the bridge leading to Fourth Lake
8.  descending through mountain pass
9.  stopped at a wider section of the Nitinat River (actually on return trip)
10.  stopped at Nitinat River bridge (searching for, but not finding, Tuck Lake on day 2)
11.  camping/fishing at Marcus Lake

A wider section of the Nitinat River (location #9)

The logging company's ridiculous trench digging, offering a greater challenge to recreational riders.  I guess it keeps the trucks out or something.  (#9)
Beautiful section of the Nitinat River near bridge at location #10
Nitinat River bridge (#10)

Great fishing at Marcus Lake, at least for Paul who limited out on both days.  It was clearly very exciting for him!  I managed to catch a couple.  The trout have taken on a really interesting colour in this lake:  Many are darker and display a thick red line along their sides.  A few had a distinct copperish tone running their entire length...  I thought it was interesting that Paul's lure copied this colouration quite closely.  (I'm not sure if he agrees on this).  He was using a small copper lure with a red flash.  Must get one for this lake!  Cannibalistic little @%#&'s they are! 

Very dusty on the roads riding in the rear.  I ended up trailing far behind for much of the riding, more to improve my view of the road surface than to reduce dust in my filter:  It's irritating as hell hitting deep potholes that appear through the dust under your front tire.  With that said, it was a terrific ride...  I love the route though the pass below Fourth Lake.  I can't believe it took us so long to start using this road.

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