Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mud-Pluggin': Testing the DIY Camera Swivel Mount

After riding a friend's trials bike last weekend, I took the Berg out for a slow and steady mud-pluggin' ride around the local trails at the end of Doumont Road, Nanaimo.  I tested the lowered pegs (excellent!), the boots (excellent!) and the prototype cheap and easy DIY "whirlitzer cam"...  It was fun putting it together and not quite as challenging to use as I thought, although it can be cumbersome, and a little destabilizing as it whirls around ya helmet!...Any way, here's the vid...


  1. Right on Paul! Excellent footage!

  2. Love it ! How far from the pivot point did you mount the camera ? .... Checking out your Goldmine track today =)

  3. Thanks, John. 24 inches between privot pt and camera. Counterwieght arm shorter. Made a platform for it to sit on the helmet (rather than driling the helmet) from 4 rubber chair leg covers, plastic cutting board and accompanying screws and hardware from Walmart. 2 bunjee cords to hold the whole shebang on. Works well.


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