Saturday, September 06, 2014

Time Lapse Vid of Doumont to Bonnell Main New Route

Ok, it took me a nearly a week to produce this video as the much vaunted free software I raved about last week (GoPro Studio) has developed a bug.  I lost the entire 3 hour production two days ago as it crashed.  Since then, and while re doing the video, it crashed every ten minutes.  I have re-installed, rebooted without success. Like me old step dad said, "you get what you pay for"...Don't forget to turn the settings up to HD.  If you don't like the music, no complaints...just mute it :)

The video references points on the map below:

The ten minute epic...


  1. Really liked that... especially the in-video notes next to the referenced map. Makes for a really easy to follow record of the ride. Almost worth the incredibly long and drawn-out wait!

  2. What no comment about the dreadful music?

  3. No, I had a couple of guests round who are retired Village People dancers from the seventies and it went over really well. If I were to say anything negative, it did leave me with an urge to prance around wearing a large furry pimp hat. Not so bad in itself, but the absence of clothing, in addition to the hat, scared the neighbourhood children a little.


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