Tuesday, March 06, 2012

RotopaX Gas Container Adds 95km to my Range

I just got a 1 US gallon RotopaX gas carrier to add to my bike.  Now I've got the range I need to do a whole weekend ride!  It'll give me an extra 95Km (59mi).  I think I'll mount it on my rear rack so I can leave room for some metal carriers on the sides.

Right on the rack

I'm impressed with the quality of this product.  It feels like a truck could drive over it.

330 Km Radius now.  Much better.
Bags next...  I'm looking at using sealable (o-ring) ammo boxes.  They're MUCH cheaper and to my eye they look pretty good.  It's the mounting system that concerns me.  Here are some ideas on mounting... and some more ideas.  ...And more!  Possibly soft bags.

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