Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two Views from Blackjack Ridge

I took a ride by myself today and went exploring a couple of Blackjack Ridge spurs off the main Blackjack logging road.  Here's the route in from Weigles Road/tank traps:

The Big Picture

Zoomed In on the Route (Right to Left)
It was really boggy through the tank traps today.  Easy riding on the way in, but a bit nasty on the way out with rear wheel spins through the gumbo. 

I turned left onto this small trail off the main Blackjack route.  The early part of this trail gets quite steep, but soon settles down to a very comfortable climb on an excellent small rock chip and sand base.  I stopped to take pictures from both dead-end spurs.

Viewpoint One  (180 Degree Panorama)
Viewpoint Two  (180 Degree Panorama)

 The ride down is a perfect example of a ride where you DON'T WANT TO TOUCH THE FRONT BRAKE TOO HEAVILY:  Steep with deep sand in places.  There were plenty of ice chunks on the trails today, (real pink fingers weather), so on the way back I took a quick peep at Boomerang Lake to see if it was iced over.  It wasn't iced over, but it was well on its way.  I'll have to come and take a look at it around January.   

Half Frozen Boomerang Lake
 The new fishing dock that some kind soul put in place has almost floated away with the rise of water level in the lakes.

Cottle Lake had even more ice.  The rings are where people have tried breaking the ice with rocks.
Great ride...  Time for a wash!
Now for the 3D Anaglyph image for the dorky people with red/cyan glasses (view full size):


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